Tracey McIntire

Dr. Tracey McIntire, D.O.
1015 Union St.
Boone, IA 50036


Dr. McIntire specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Boone County Hospital. Since coming to our community, she has made a significant impact in the lives of many individuals. Here is just one example of that impact: Pregnant with twins, Dr. McIntire served her clients right up until the day her children were born. She then resumed her normal practice within a few weeks of their birth and continued almost seamless care to her patients. This may seem like an insignificant gesture to some, but to those who have a healthy or difficult pregnancy, to those who are awaiting results from tests that may be life altering or life threatening...that is significant.

A second example is one that has made a difference for many young people within our community: First it is important to give a little bit of background information. Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) education has been available to middle/high schools in Boone County for the past nine years. Our local educator , when allowed to teach within the confines of each administrations dictates, teaches students age-appropriate, medically accurate curricula. Last year, money was allocated to provide Boone County with an opportunity to begin offering a Free clinic to area youth (age 25 & under).

With money in the bank and a plan of action, APP coordinators contacted Dr. McIntire. From the moment she came into the APP office, she was positive, inspiring and asked to help in any way possible. She shared with the small group that her history included working in one of the busiest hospitals in the Chicago area. However, the incidence of sexually transmitted disease was far greater in our community and surrounding area than that of what was found in the Chicago area.. Dr. McIntire joined our mission at that moment and has provided medical care at the Teen Clinic in the Livery since.

She has given the Teen Clinic not only her service, but her commitment and professional credibility.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
105 S. Marshall St.
Boone, IA   50036
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